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Come enjoy a wonderful day on the snow with us and breathe the Sierra pure atmosphere. Here is how to book ski/snowboard classes and find us.

a) Ski/snowboard classes: Booking/Conditions&prices/Meeting point

b) Ski pass purchase & accomodation

c) Ski & snowboard rentals

d) Snow shoeing and back country skiing tours

Booking ski/snowboard lesson in 4 steps

Step 1: Call (0034 668580665) or e-mail us ( to get days/hours availability and get a prebooking valid for 48 hours.

Step 2: to be confirmed the booking should include part of the due payment and indicate:

1- name of the person doing the booking

2- contact of the person doing the booking

3- dates and exact hours of the classes wanted

4- modality: ski or snowboard

5- name of pupils, and ages if under 14 (please always mention if any limitations)

6- level of pupil(s): beginner (skiing for the first or second time); intermediate (able to ski in every green slope and daring on the blue ones in a snowplow or basic parallel); advanced (able to ski in all slopes);

7- number of instructors required (in case of group)

8- declaration accepting the particular and general conditions stated in this document (these can be signed and sent through e-mail or delivered in hand at the beginning of the first class; if failing this, a copy will have to be signed at the meeting point right before the start of the class).

We will send you right away a document with all the Conditions and Information you need to now to move around Sierra Nevada, get ready, and find us at the meeting point.

Step 3: Payment: the confirmation of the booking will be effective after receiving a bank transfer of at least 20% to 50% of the total value of the classes on the following IBAN: ES40 1465 0380 4517 2355 6605 (ING Direct); BIC/Swift code: INGDESMMXXX (beneficiary: José Tavares; under Description/subject write: ‘ski’ + ‘name of guest’); payment of the remaining value due at the beginning of the first class (there is no ATM machine on the slopes).

Step 4: Confirmation: with receipt of the bank transfer and contact through e-mail ( or phone call (0034 668580665, necessary if in less than 5 days from the day of the first class).

Conditions Sierra Nevada 2023

Particular conditions for skiing/snowboarding classes:

- Price of class per person (adding 10€ to a second pupil; 5€/person to a 3rd and 4th pupil; 2€/person to a 5th to 8th pupil).

- 45€/hour: all weekends, holidays, Christmas-Reyes weeks, half-term/Carnival and Easter weeks, or snowboard classes.

- 40€/hour for ski classes on all other (week) days.

- Discounts: 10% on the 4th hour of the day and beyond or the 8th hour booked and beyond.

The values/prices mentioned before will not be applied to a second or further instructors. The price per hour of reference on additional instructors is 45€, regardless of the day/hour.

- Duration: minimum 2 hours, starting at 09h45, 11h45 or 14h00 (less than 2 hours only after 14h00; pick-up and drop-off from/at the hotel requires charge of one extra hour).

- Age: the minimum age of a pupil is 4 years old; the minimum age in a family/group class is 9 years old.

- Number: pupils aged 4 to 6 years old, one by instructor/class; the maximum number of pupils per class is 8 persons (exceptions for schools).

- Payment: minimum of 20 to 50% with the booking (with enough time to confirm) and remaining at the beginning of the first class, according to the Booking conditions (above).

- Acceptance of conditions: a Declaration of Acceptance of conditions, general and particular, will be sent to you and is to be signed and sent back by e-mail or hand delivered at the beginning of the first class.

Note: Snow Life has an arrangement with the store Custom Aventura that guarantees an immediate discount of 10% when renting ski/snowboard equipment with them and booking classes with Snow Life. See more below (Ski & snowboard rentals) and see all at 'About skiing'.

Meeting Point

The meeting point is always on the slopes (unless required differently), in Borreguiles, immediately to the right of the exit of the Al Andaluz gondola (telecabina).

In case you take the telecabina Borreguiles from Pradollano to Borreguiles, you need to go up both flight escalators as you leave the gondola; then leave the building out to the Borreguiles terrace, cross it and head for the building in front (30 meters away), where the telecabina Al Andaluz arrives.

Snow Life's Meeting Point (in front of the door on the left)

Snow Life's instructor Uniform

Ski pass (forfait) purchase & Accomodation

A compra prévia do seu passe/forfait é recomendável porque os passes disponíveis a cada dia são limitados e este limite é variável para cada data. Os preços são dinâmicos (desde 2022) em função da procura (podem aumentar com a proximidade da data). Evite chegar a Serra Nevada e encontrar a venda esgotada!

We are not mediators but only 'facilitators'. We work exclusively with the agency BED & SNOW of Sierra Nevada (their store is located at the plaza Pradollano; working hours 09:00-20:00). Tell us how many adults and kids (ageing 15 or less) need the ski-pass, and the exact consecutive days you want to use them (to get the 'Family deal', you need a minimum of 3 nuclear family members, for a minimum of 3 days pass, and will have to present/send a copy of the family book or passports). Make us a bank transfer of a little more of the estimated value (since prices are dynamic), the agency will get them for you, and we will make them available to you at the rental store (Pradollano plaza) on the day you rent your ski/snowboard equipment, with no extra cost.

We will not purchase any ski passes/forfait for a single day use, or with less than 3 days in advance, or if they are not yet fully payed. Remember the Cetursa conditions will also apply, specially regarding devolution (20 euros will be retained), etc. (any eventual problems with the functioning of the ski passes will have to be handled with the 'Atención al cliente' office, in front of the Al Andaluz gondola).

The BED & SNOW agency deals with apartments located at the central and intermediate zone of the Sierra Nevada resort and will find the best options for the most confortable stay of your group. We will get you in touch!

Ski & snowboard rentals

Snow Life has an agreement with Custom Aventura rental store that grants you an immediate discount of 10% on any ski/snowboard rentals in case you are having classes with us. They are very professional and will grant you the best assistance. The store is located at Plaza Andaluzia, number 8 of edifício Enebro building (in front of the pharmacy, 25 meters away from the ski passes offices and at a 40 seconds walk from the Al Andaluz gondola), opens 08:30 to 20:30 with prices from 26€/day (ski)/ 28€ snowboard; 18€ (snowboard or ski for children under 12) - see all at 'About ski'.

Snow Life Sierra Nevada

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Snow shoeing & back country skiing tours

Booking snow shoe/cross country ski tour

Please call (0034 668580665) or e-mail us ( to check on days available and get a prebooking.